Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Re-connect: Manifesting your dreams

Today, someone asked about the differences between and fantasy and manifesting our dreams. I for me a fantasy is not guided, is something that happens naturally, an expression of our desires.

Manifesting has very concrete steps, they are deliberated:

  • you dream/vision what you want - create a mental picture
  • you use spoken words to define your ideal situation - taking care of not putting limits to the Spirit and or describe how things will happen
  • you trust the Spirit -  what you asked for will be granted, and this also means that you behave as if you have it already
  • you understand that you are an expression of the Divine and interconnected with everything and everyone. Also, taht you deserve what you want and that this is a world of abundance
  • you repeat the affirmations for some time (in my case for a month) until it resonates within you
  • finally, you keep this process private (do not share it with other, as this will "dilute" your energy) and  you let go the process

Your prayer is not to ask for what you want, the Spirit knows that, you prayer is needed to change your attitude towards acceptation and receptivity.

We need to thank first for something we haven't seen manifested yet in the reality. Everything we need has been given already.

It is important to remember that the divine law doesn't accept failures or defects. There is only perfection in the spiritual world. We're spiritual beings, children of spiritual beings: we're not separated from them. Abundance is part of our divine legacy. 

As Louise Hay says, the more you connect to the Power within you, the more you can be free in all areas of your life. 

Shamans say that co-creating has two parts: the intention and the attention.
The intention is the vision, the signals of what you want to manifest. The definition of the objective as clear as possible, but without adding the how. The Spirit has its own ways of working.

Then, the attention component involves being attuned with the Spirit, a daily request during meditation (or at a special moment), the repetition of the same prayer, and finally, faith and trust that what you asked exists already in the spiritual world. 

A metaphysical law says that you will receive what you're certain you want. It will be given as much as you want it.

But I have asked, and I'm not getting what I want!

Some times, there is an important lesson we need to learn first. Everything has its right time. Perhaps our vibration pattern is not the right, we're not ready to receive. Or, what we asked doesn't fit the vibration of our desires. Another reason for this delay, is that we may be changing our picture, we're not sure of what we want. Finally, we may be trying to limit or condition the Spirit, saying how exactly things should be happening. 

It's important to remember that we're part of the Energy Source and cannot be separated. We cannot be completely separated from the source, however, we can resist your connection with the Source.

We need to be aware of our thoughts. We need to learn to wait for the things that are flowing to us with confidence, optimism, faith, without irritation, distrust, or disappointment that hinders what is flowing.

To do this, we need to remember that our emotions are the interpretation of our vibration. Our attention to certain things generate a vibration, and this vibration is what will attract certain events. If we're always thinking that we don't have money, for example, we will never get it. Our attention is going to the absence of money, not to the abundance.  This is very simple, we cannot watch a movie if we're watching the Sports channel. 

Metaphysics teachers say that after 17 seconds of being focused on a thought, you activate a vibration to that thought. The more intense and clearer your thoughts are, the more similar thoughts you will receive that will increase your focus. After 68 seconds, of focusing, the vibration will be enough to start manifesting it. When you focus frequently in a thought at least for 68 seconds, you will soon make it a dominant thought.

Finally, allowing things to happen is an art. We should learn to give ourselves permission to receive what we want. 

So, just to summarize: 
  • What you think or say, it will come back to you as an experience. Our mind has no sense of humor, you cannot say: I don't have money, I don't deserve this new car, etc. 
  • Do affirmations. Say what you want and act accordingly. 
  • Check your emotions and deal with the negative ones in positive ways. 

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